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WHY spin casting?

  •  Our Commitment
    • With more than 35 years of experience in white metal casting, The Contenti Company has made a permanent commitment to quality and improvement in spin-casting and investment casting technology. Throughout the years, Contenti has expanded the use of spin-casting equipment for jewelry and other parts to include the casting of engineered, prototype, and industrial parts. Our acquisition of the Frank Pertot Company in 2000 has added two exclusive formulations to our selection of organic mold rubber.
  •  Versatility
    • Spin-Casting is an asset as a manufacturing process, allowing thermoset plastics, pattern waxes, and metals all to be cast effectively. Fast setting liquid thermoset plastics can be spin-cast as an alternative to injection molding. Plastic production parts can now be manufactured economically when injection molding isn’t cost effective. Pattern wax can also be spin-cast to create wax patterns for investment casting, greatly increasing productivity.
  •  Die Cast Quality
    • The Contenti Company has always dedicated itself to development and research of new materials and processes for spin-casting. Contenti offers the highest quality tin and lead based casting alloys. These alloys, as well as other metals such as zinc/aluminum alloys, can be used in spin-casting to produce tens, hundreds, and even thousands of high quality production parts. Spin-Casting can offer die cast results in cases where die casting is cost prohibitive.
  •  Technology
    • Manufacturing isn’t the only area benefiting from Spin-Casting. Rapid prototyping and product development is quickly finding Spin-Casting to be a strong ally. Engineers and product designers can create numerous quick, economical, and functional parts in high strength metal or plastic from delicate stereo-lithography models. Molds can be made and parts can be cast in as little as 3 hours, or for complex parts, rarely more than one day. Design changes in size, function, fit, or appearance can be quickly reproduced without making or wasting a large investment in tooling and machine time.
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